Our continued 25 year business relationship with McKeil Marine is a testament to our confidence in their commercial strength, resolve and resiliency. McKeil is a business partner that one is always proud to introduce to others.

Gregg M. Ward, Vice President
Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry

Over the last decade, McKeil Marine has been a great partner in helping to rebuild, modernize and expand cargo handling opportunities at the Port of Toledo. McKeil’s regular visits to Toledo have allowed our metals business to flourish while also providing a transportation solution for moving steel coils, grain, aggregates and other products through Toledo. McKeil Marine has pioneered and excelled at short sea shipping along HWY H2O and their passionate and professional staff is always an absolute pleasure to work with.

Joe Cappel, Director of Cargo Development
Toledo Lucas County Port Authority

Here at Mammoet, we have relied heavily on the services of McKeil Marine for countless challenging projects over the past 30 years, and our continued business with this fine company is a product of their tireless entrepreneurship, their adaptability to meet our needs, and their strong focus on good old-fashioned customer service.  The Crew at McKeil are like family to us; we view them not as suppliers, but more as strategic partners in our industry.

Glen Aitken, P.Eng., Sr. Vice-President
Mammoet Eastern Canada Ltd.

There was always someone available at McKeil any time to help and to put the wheel (tug) in motion. Throughout this very detail oriented project, McKeil remained flexible and ready to change course and then change course again, due to the client’s ever changing needs.” He goes on to say, “I had dealings over the duration of the project with many members of McKeil and my overall feeling is that they are a great team who do great work and it would be GREAT to do it all over again.

Barend Schuring, Vice-President of Operations
Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.

McKeil Marine has been a long-time client and partner in the Port of Windsor and we look forward to their vessel’s years of service to the Great Lakes and our port.

David Cree, President and CEO
Windsor Port Authority