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McKeil Marine was contracted by Mammoet to provide the marine transportation for Vale, the second-largest mining company in the world. The project supported the construction of a new processing plant in Long Harbour, NL and Labrador. This work highlighted our ability to manage complex logistics schedules and provide efficient and reliable marine transportation to the site.

At the peak of the project, McKeil had 9 tug and barge units transporting modules and equipment. The fleet included five 400×100’ barges chartered from US operators, which typically sailed between the Gulf of Mexico and Newfoundland. One tug & barge delivered from fabrication yards in Eastern Canada while three others serviced the Great Lakes fabrication yards. We also provided a full-time assist tug and a full-time supervisor on site. A total of 56 cargo loads at 14 different ports took place between March 2011 and December 2012.

There was always someone available at McKeil any time to help and to put the wheel (tug) in motion. Throughout this very detail oriented project, McKeil remained flexible and ready to change course and then change course again, due to the client’s ever changing needs.” He goes on to say, “I had dealings over the duration of the project with many members of McKeil and my overall feeling is that they are a great team who do great work and it would be GREAT to do it all over again.


Customer: Vale Inco
Location: Long Harbour, NL & Labrador
Date: 2011- December 2012 (14 month duration)

The Challenge: Stage cargo delivery for construction of a nickel processing plant to site meeting strict development phase schedules. The cargo pieces were in modular form, most of which were sourced from the Gulf of Mexico, eastern seaboard and Great Lakes.

Our Solution: Provide logistics management personnel and vessels to stage loads from multiple regions and ports.

Gear: MM NFLD, Niagara Spirit, Lambert Spirit, Leonard M, Salvor

Services: Consultation & Planning, Transportation, Project Cargo