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McKeil Marine provided routing to a range of smaller port locations and individual terminal dock locations for loading and discharge of bulk cargo commodities. The ability to access shallow draft docks and locations requiring complex maneuverability are ideally suited to our tug and barge fleet.

Traditional bulk cargo movements in the Great Lakes are primarily between major port locations, McKeil is able to fill gaps in traditional Great Lake sailing schedules with load sizes in the 7000 – 11000 tonne range.

Last year Southwestern Sales utilized McKeil Marine’s new tug/barge unit Huron Spirit in our aggregate trade. It now allows Southwestern to provide full access to a wider variety of self unloading vessels for our customers and gives us the ability to service any full or partial draft port in our market area. We look forward to working with the folks at McKeil in the coming years.


The Challenge: Expanding the reach of the aggregate market by supplying an alternate to traditional cargo movement methods.

Our Solution: Self-unloading barge to efficiently carry smaller loads within a system of multiple port routing including remote dock locations.

Gear: Huron Spirit, Leonard M

Services: Transportation, Consultation & Planning, Project Cargo