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McKeil Marine was contracted by RER Hydro to support the installation of a prototype power plant hydrokinetic turbine in the Saint Lawrence River. The turbine measured approximately 5mx4.5mx7m and weighed more than 120 metric tons.

McKeil provided one flat deck barge, one jack up barge and two work tugs in flotilla to transport equipment, cranes and personnel to the project site. The vessels provided platforms to stabilize the turbine and lower it to the riverbed below.

Customer: RER Hydro
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Date: 2010

The Challenge: Working in a 7 knot current in the St. Lawrence River, provide floating plant for stable work platforms facilitating crane placement turbine on the riverbed.

Our Solution: Jack Up barge to house equipment & tethered vessel arrangement to stabilize crane for lowering of turbine.

Gear: Jack Up 600, OC 181, Wyatt M, Jarrett M

Services: Consultation & Planning, Project Cargo, Marine Construction, Engineering