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McKeil Marine was contracted by Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors on behalf of ExxonMobil to support construction of the Hebron Project Gravity Based Structure (GBS) which will be located offshore in NL. McKeil Marine has supplied 15 barges for the project to be utilized as platforms for mobile cement plants and staging GBS construction. Nine of the barges were built in China over a six month timeframe and delivered to Canada via heavy lift ship to expedite deployment to the site.

The barges were required to fit exacting size specifications in order to fit a prescribed pattern at the GBS construction site. Additional services include supply of a turn key temporary dock arrangement (400’ x 105’ x 20’ flat deck barge) with spuds, along with stevedoring services for cargo loading and discharge. McKeil also supported dredging operations with assistance in removing a bunt wall.

Customer: ExxonMobil &
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors

Location: Bull Arm, NL
Date: 2013 to 2015

The Challenge: In the absence of required Canadian Flag barges, supply specific barge flotilla arrangement to support GBS construction.

Our Solution: In partnership with Malaspina, McKeil designed, engineered and built 9 barges to fulfill customer specifications, the remaining barges came from Europe (2), USA (2) and Canada (2).

Gear: MM barges, Tobias, Nunavut Spirit, S/VM 86, Glovertown Spirit, MM Newfoundland, Dowden Spirit, Sharon MI, Beverly MI, Wyatt M, Jarrett M, Miti Mo, Dyna Mo

Services: Consultation & PlanningProject Cargo, Marine Construction, Engineering