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End-to-end solution: McKeil Marine was contracted by Pennecon Limited and Algonquin Power to transport turbine parts and assembly crews from Millhaven, ON to Amherst Island, ON, for a 26-turbine wind farm.  The clients chose McKeil after seeing our vessels in action on the airfield rehabilitation project for the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Customer: Pennecon Limited and Algonquin Power
Location: Milhaven, ON and Amherst Island, ON
Date: August 2017 to March 2018

The Challenge: Move construction aggregates and cargo to the island and ferry construction workers to and from the island. The challenge was made greater by several factors, including the turbine parts lengths (up to 65 metres), restrictions against using existing docks, and winter weather.

Our Solution: McKeil provided an end-to-end solution, beginning with advising the customer in designing temporary new docks for commercial use to handle the oversize cargo. We transported the turbine parts using oversize barges such as the MM142, supplied tugs, and provided passenger vessels for the customer’s workers. McKeil crews worked seven days a week throughout the winter in occasionally extreme conditions.

Gear: Evans McKeil, Jarrett M, Kaliutik, Seahound, VAC, and Vigilant; SVM 86, HM8, MM Newfoundland and workboats Katelyn J and WB 25

Services: Consulting & Planning, Marine Construction, Project Cargo