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McKeil commissioned renowned North American marine artist Paul C. LaMarre to paint a watercolour commemorating the company’s 60th Anniversary celebrations. The finely detailed work portrays McKeil vessels that have played a significant role in the company’s operations over the years.

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(Pictured: Blair & Kathy McKeil, Paul LaMarre III (son of artist) and Steve Fletcher. Credit: Carole & Roy Timm Photography)


Evans Spirit, the song

McKeil Marine also commissioned Canadian tenor John McDermott and Eric Robertson to write and record the single Evans’ Spirit which was performed at the Annual McKeil Crew Meeting, February 2016, with the Hamilton Children’s Choir.


It doesn’t seem like 60 years
The time just slipped away
All the places and the faces
Sometimes we forget the names
There were high times
And low times too
But we never lost our sight
Of Evan’s dream for McKeil marine
The future looks so bright
From great lakes to arctic shore
Evan’s spirit is with us still
It unfolds each day at dawning light
With Blair now at the wheel
This man Blair now quite a legend
In his caring hands he holds
All the hopes and dreams for Mckeil Marine
With our hearts in tow
And with him we’ll grow and grow
Every year brings new adventures
A challenge to us all
And we face them as a family
Together standing tall
For our strength is in our people
And our love runs deep and strong
In our minds and hearts
We do our part
On the water we are one
And we’ve only just begun.