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HPA Award - Mckeil Marine 2013

McKeil Marine reçoit le prix d’excellence environnementale 2013 de l’Administration portuaire de Hamilton

L’Administration portuaire de Hamilton a remis son prix d’excellence environnementale 2013 à McKeil Marine pour souligner le dévouement de l’entreprise en matière de gérance environnementale. McKeil a été l’une des premières entreprises nord-américaines à installer une technologie de pointe pour l’optimisation de consommation de carburant sur trois navires de sa flotte grandissante. L’installation a entraîné une baisse de la consommation de carburant de plus de 30 pour cent, ainsi qu’une réduction importante de la pollution et des émissions de CO2.


McKeil a choisi de faire don, en son nom, au groupe Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) d’un montant de 5 000 $, qui a été remis avec le prix par l’intermédiaire du fonds en fiducie pour l’environnement de l’Administration portuaire de Hamilton.


Le groupe BARC a été un leader des efforts investis pour la restauration et la protection du port de Hamilton depuis 1994.


Le système d’optimisation de consommation de carburant, qui sert à réduire au minimum la consommation de carburant et la pollution atmosphérique ainsi qu’à maximiser la rentabilité des navires, a été conçu et installé par l’entreprise Pronova Systems Inc. de Laval, au Québec.

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HAMILTON, Ont.–The Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) is pleased to announce that Hamilton-based McKeil Marine Limited is the recipient of the 2013 HPA Environmental Excellence Award, recognizing the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

“We are very pleased to recognize McKeil’s commitment to the environment with this year’s Environmental Excellence Award,” said HPA President & CEO Bruce Wood. “McKeil is a company that thrives on innovation, and brings that spirit to every aspect of its business. We are very proud to have McKeil as a Hamilton Port Partner, and we greatly value the company’s leadership on environmental matters.”

McKeil Marine is a committed and enthusiastic supporter of numerous environmental initiatives aimed at protecting water quality, reducing fuel consumption, and trimming the carbon footprint of its marine fleet, said the port.

McKeil was one of the first companies in North America to install a leading-edge fuel optimizing technology on three vessels in its growing fleet. The installation produced a fuel savings of more than 30 per cent, along with significantly reduced pollution and CO2 emissions.

McKeil Marine is also a founding member of Green Marine, an industry-leading program to improve environmental performance in the maritime sector. “We are constantly seeking new opportunities to find efficiencies in the operation of our fleet,” said McKeil president Steve Fletcher. “Reducing our carbon footprint and passing on savings to our customers combine for very positive impact. We’ve demonstrated our ability to streamline customer supply chains in current cargo movements and work hard to continually devise new ways to further this effort.”

McKeil has selected the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) to receive a $5,000 donation on the company’s behalf, provided as part of the award through HPA’s environmental trust fund. BARC has been a leading voice in the effort to restore and protect Hamilton Harbour since 1994.

“Industrial environmental stewardship has been a key aspect of Hamilton Harbour remediation, and we congratulate McKeil Marine Ltd. for its leadership at the waterfront and on the water,” said Chris McLaughlin, Executive Director, BARC. “We are honoured to have been chosen, and this gift will support the child and youth educational programming that helps BARC ensure the next generation has the knowledge and skills to continue to ‘bring back the Bay’ and keep it that way.”

The Fuel Optimizing System, used by McKeil Marine to minimize the fuel consumption and air pollution and also maximize the ships’ profitability, was designed and installed by Pronova Systems Inc. of Laval, Quebec ( . “We applaud the vision of McKeil’s leadership, and the input of its knowledgeable team in helping customize the system that meets the needs of McKeil’s fleet, and produces excellent results,” said Stefan Stan, President of Pronova Systems.

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